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Why i’m not a video marketer.



Over the past few years video marketing has literally exploded.

with the rise of video sites such as Youtube and Vimeo, making and marketing videos has become much easier.A lot of people would rather watch than read.Myself personally I prefer reading when it comes to taking information in. I can read over at my own pace, I can skip over sections that have no relevance or sections I find boring!

Reasons for this huge rise in video marketing to me appear to be:

1/  Gurus tell you it’s the way forward( usually because they have a video course coming out).


2/   It’s becomes easier and quicker to add content to your site or blog. There are many software programe’s available from whiteboard to animation to PowerPoint style presentation videos. Making the whole video process a lot easier. Usually a drag and drop interface means that your video could be ready in under an takes me a couple of hours just to write an article.


3/ Everyone wants to be a name or a face of a given genre. They want to be the market leaders in they’re game. Being in front of the camera certainly does that. putting your image, face, brand or whatever out there for all to see.
  Why I don’t want to do video marketing
  I have no interest in being a face in marketing. Or any other genre.
  The cost. As well as the video software you would need some equipment to get started. A camera , sufficient lighting,editing software and possibly a green screen depending on what you where aiming to achieve with your videos.
  I am feeling confident enough to start making some over the shoulder videos, and it’s something i plan to do very soon.
Why I struggle to watch 90% of the marketers making videos.
 1/  your boring,, There I said it. You are.
  You sit there motionless and speaking in a monotone voice. It looks like a hostage video shot from your own front room. Do any of you watch your videos over before uploading them.
    You struggle to keep people entertained enough to keep watching. Be animated. Move your heAd or hands once in a while.
  And change the tone of your voice. Sound excited for what your doing.
2/ clear the space that’s behind you. I don’t want to see you talking while there’s a big pile of mess behind you. If you are pushed for space. Throw a blanket over it. Hide it all away so it’s less of a distraction.
  Messy or too busy backgrounds take the attention away to what you are trying to say.
3/ The sound quality on 90% of these videos sound like your trapped in a box. Take the time to experiment. If your making a 5-10 minutes video and expect people to watch them, sort the quality of sound out. I usually turn off in 10 seconds if its poor quality.
  A tip i have heard is hiding under a thick blanket to record your voice. I mean you don’t have to hide, it’s more about the sound being kept under the blanket instead of bouncing around the walls.
I tried it and it did seem to work. I also had a nap while i was there, Bonus.
My tips for keeping a short attention span idiot like myself engaged
.Don’t be boring. Move around. Have passion in what your relying. For Christ sake don’t stare at your webcam like you want to bury me alive. What’s wrong with you ?!
 .By the best equipment you can for your budget. There are plenty of helpful Facebook groups that all share that great community spirit. And could guide you in the right direction.
  Matthew Houghtons video marketing group is one. Although I don’t make videos the information that’s passed around in there is second to none. From a complete beginner to professional camera people. And sound advice too.
  . Make your surroundings clutter free, no one wants to see your messy bedroom/ dining room. Tidy up or cover up.
Look professional.
  .Make sure you have sufficient lighting.
  Some of you look as though your lurking in the shadows about to pounce on an unsuspecting victim
 Make sure we can see your face clearly. It helps a lot, and if your doing this to put yourself out there, on the map. Why would you not make sure that your seen.
 Open a curtain, turn on a light.
I / people understand that Internet marketing is a game that you never stop learning from. And video marketing is no exception.
Learn the tools and software. Play your videos back to yourself. To listen and look for bad quality.
   Record  videos all the time and watch them back.
  In all honesty, what do you think about it. Would you watch it. Would you learn anything from it.
  It takes time to get good at anything. Practice makes perfect.
  We all understand this. I write,but, I’m still terrible at it. Better than when I first started but a long way off where I would like to be.
  Stick at it. As you improve, so will your videos!
I Came back to this article as I thought I was a little harsh on video in general. I do read more than I watch videos. For information anyway. But, with that said I always watch videos to learn as a step by step guide for technical issues. I find that the over the shoulder style is the best style to learn from.
So  much so that I would like to do some tutorial videos in the future.Over the shoulder obviously, remember I have a face like a bag of spanners. A bit like handsome Dan.


Hi, I am nathan and i started this site in the hope of documenting my process of making money on-line.
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