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What is CPA


What is CPA

Untitled-2You’ve probably heard of countless abbreviations in online marketing.It can become confusing.

One thing I always hear about is CPA.

What is it?

CPA stands for cost per action.

what that means basically is that you get paid for people clicking on your provided affiliate link and when they complete an action. You may have completed a cpa on behalf of someone else in the past for an offer or incentive.

The more popular choices for cpa are

  • Buying a product
  • filling out information (maybe just an email request)
  • Signing up for a free trial

So the process goes a little something like this:

  • Web user visits website, or clicks on link they find (usually through paid advertising)
  • User then clicks on your affiliate link provided by the company you are advertising for
  • User then sent to a landing page where they then…
  • Buy something, fill out info or sign up for something
  • You the affiliate then get paid based on that action

Seems simple doesn’t it. Well it is but there is a fair bit of work involved to get that far.

  • Find an offer
  • set up tracking
  • make a sales page
  • research your keywords
  • optimize your campaigns

There is a hell of a lot to do.And these are a summary of just the basic steps.

You may already have something you like to promote, maybe you are already an affiliate of something. I have just joined a program you can find out more information here .

If you haven’t signed up for anything then let’s take a look at a few places you can get affiliate promotions.

  1. Maxbounty
  2. Peerfly
  3. Clickbank
  4. Clickbooth

  It has been said that some cpa company’s are hard to get into. That’s not always the case. They need to know who you are and if you are genuine. There are a lot of scammers out there. Do not be put off my filling out forms and even speaking to people direct. Also getting in touch with the company after you have applied is a great way of showing that your are genuinely interested and serious about promoting.

It’s important to pick something that goes along with the niche of your site (If you are promoting from your site, if not then you can just set up a sales page and direct traffic there). So if you are in the health and fitness niche it’s pointless setting up something about mortgages. It’s doubtful you would have much success , your readers don’t come to you for finance advice.

Now you need to send traffic to your offers. The best way I have found to do this is Bing. I have tried before combining Facebook and clickbank but Facebook can be very arsey about where you send the traffic you are paying for
Bing are less picky shall we say, obviously there are terms and conditions. they won’t let you send theyre search traffic to any old crap.

I have mentioned it before but paid traffic is best, i spend time commenting on forums, blogs and q and a sites but it can take time to get the traffic. There is no cost paying out, but it is time consuming. you can read about it here…

Next is one of the more important factors with CPA and that is tracking. No you’re not looking for an animal in the woods (this was an honest reaction when I had to explain cpa to a friend).

There are 3 software options I have come across  for this and that is 

  • Prosper202
  • Cvplab
  • Clickmagick

All can be very expensive but Prosper at the moment are offering a free download on the pro version. Get it , get it now.

Clickmagick offer a monthly bill starting at around $17 a month. with a discount if you pay annually. 

Cvplab are the best option but it’s around $300 a year, and around $150 renewal after that. so you could start with prosper and when you make some coin upgrade.

Make sure you go through the installation instructions properly. otherwise this will affect the true readings of your stats.

So that’s a quick introduction into CPA. I will be writing an ongoing case study on CPA along side the free traffic that I am currently doing.

Stay tuned.

Hi, I am nathan and i started this site in the hope of documenting my process of making money on-line.
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