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And May is here! Time has flown by since my last post and although that was 3 months ago i have been making progress with my online ventures.

First off, I broke my laptop 2 months ago. A rather unfortunate incident where i dropped it and smashed the bloody thing to pieces. 

So for the past 2 months i have been using my girlfriends computer. She has been outstanding in letting me continue with my projects even tho she is currently working full time and continuing with her PHd studies.

Well, what have i been up to?

quite a lot actually. Firstly i have started my own web design service. Mainly focusing on small business websites and SEO. I noticed a lot of companies locally where relying on facebook pages and instagram to drum up business. So i approached them and offered to make a website for free.

My plan was to 5-10 websites for free to gain feedback for my website, facebook page and google business listings. The next 10 sites will be done cheap around £60-£80 and then the next step is to charge £200 plus for a website.

Things have gotten off to a great start and i am currently working on 3 sites, and have another 4 in the pipeline.

This is perfect for me. I have been using wordpress for over 5 years so i have a great understanding of wordpress and can put together a proffesional looking site using Divi by elegant themes.

More to come on this as i progress! My amazon affiliate site has been through some changes again. I am using Fresh store builder by Cairey Bird and am finsing it a refreshing step away from the wordpress platform. I am at the stage now where all i need to do is add some more shirts to sell then just top up on a weekly basis.

Also the design aspects of the site could defininetly use some more work. Colour matching and general layout are not looking very profesional at the moment so these will be taken care of within the next month.

When completed i will use social media and facebook ads to drive traffic. I feel that tshirt designs in general change and  sell very quick so i feel seo to an actual tshrt may be a waste of time. But, SEO to a tshirt category may work better. This is somethng i will take in to consideration.

My new Ebook is currently half way through being written. Breaking my computer was a small relief in the fact that a lot of my projects i could start from scratch again.So i have. This will be a small report leading into the purchase of a full ebook for my chosen niche.  More to come as i progress.

My fitness blog has been left by the side temporarliy while i get back on my feet and find a happy balance between my other projects.And that means i am just as fat and usless as i first started it. But it will be back very shortly.

Again just a short post here, wanted to keep you all in the loop.


Hi, I am nathan and i started this site in the hope of documenting my process of making money on-line.
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