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My top ten Plugins for wordpress


My top ten Plugins for wordpress


My top ten WordPress plugin's as of June 2016

My top ten WordPress plugin’s as of June 2016

WordPress is based around themes and plugins. themes are the look and the feel, while plugins add the functionality for your site. I often get asked what plugins and themes I use. I thought I would compile a list of my most preferred plugins as of June 2016.


Probably the best plugin I have ever invested in. and the reason it’s first on the list.

a drag and drop page builder being able to cover

  • sales pages’ video and text
  • opt in pages
  • thank you pages
  • webinar pages

I can, and have built pages in literally 5 minutes. I cannot emphasise how easy this plugin is to operate and to make pages with. It also comes with a load of pre-set templates that you can use or modify for your own use. There is supposed to be a site for you to download more templates but that has never been active. every time I click the link it just comes up dead.

The price varies in 3 stages

  • $77 for a 3 site licence on domains that you own
  • $97 for unlimited site licence on domains that you own
  • $197 for a developer’s licence, install on domains that you own and install on client’s sites.

I went for the 2nd option and glad I invested. There is no annual subscription, only for support after the first year. and that turns out at about $37 a year.

if you are looking in to making sales, affiliate pages opt in forms etc. then I would highly recommend this little bad boy!

Check out a page i made here

GA Google Analytics

A must have for tracking your sites progress. for me it’s the most reliable form of tracking. if you haven’t got google analytics on to your site.


no excuse, get it done. it gets you excited in the beginning because you can see what country’s and how many visitors are calling over to see your pages. and when you apply traffic you can start to see what methods are working best for you.

I use this plugin as it easily ties in with everything and is much easier in fact super easy to add tracking to your site if you know nothing about the html code.

For tracking to work effectively then you need to add the script google provides to either the header or the footer. I have a tiny bit of experience with html so can comfortable do this. if you have no idea what you are doing then all you need is your google analytics tracking code. This should start with UA.

you simply pop that into your plugin and it takes care of the rest. very very simple.

If you want to know if its installed:

  • go to your homepage and right click mouse, select view page source
  • this should bring up your sites code as the engines see it. now click control and f
  • search box should appear, type in analytic and you should see the word highlighted in the script.



an excellent plugin. the guys at yoast have done a great job at providing a plugin that helps cover the bases with onsite optimisation. with a traffic light system that will tell you areas that need work such as keyword density, meta description, images, content volume, stop words. it even goes on to Facebook and twitter social media. all under the free version.

I have used this on all my sites and was a big player when I was on the seo trail. now I use it to make sure that my sites are on point and no mistakes are being made. after all its good practise to have you on site seo in check even if you are not chasing the 1st page status.

if you wanted the premium licence then a single site is $69 all the way up to $1499 for 200 sites. With the premium you get premium support, multiple focus keywords and a few other nifty features. is it worth buying the premium.? Well I never have and it does a great job at telling me what areas I need to improve on for my page seo.

Highly recommended

Procosiate plugin

I have a site linked to amazon, if you have ever tried importing stuff from amazon it can be tiresome. A huge process depending on how many items you have on your store. Now, I have tried adding stuff one by one from amazon. Let me tell you, what a pain in the arse that is.

Now prosociate mixes with woocommerce (another excellent plugin). But the beauty of this plugin is that it hooks up to amazon (for a variety of reasons).it then lets you look through amazon for your chosen products, you select and then add them to your site. easy peasy! I’ve actually hooked this up with a theme called bazar. works well together and it really makes the site look professional. there is still a lot of work to be done on it but it’s taken so much pressure of having being able to bulk add items.

such a time saver if you are promoting from the amazon platform.

Ninja forms

A great plugin that I only really use for my contact forms. but ninja forms are a beast and can make and manage pretty much any type of form you need for your rite.

I choose it for the contact form as it has an inbuilt spam protection. Meaning you can set your own question at the end of the contact form. I set a simple math question. my spam has now pretty much ceased to exist. great.

there are 3 payment types although I have just the free version:

  1. A la Carte $19 to $129 for each site for up to 20 sites for 1 year
  2. Business $299 for 20 sites for 1 year
  3. Pro Membership $499for unlimited sites for 1 year with a truck load of extra benefits

one of the main benefits for all price plans is the drag and drop form builder. very handy. There are more benefits as you go up price plans (as always) but you can select stuff you want from the a la carte menu.


Security is so important, especially if you have your own sites. People will try and take what’s yours no matter who you are online. Why, well it is because the internet is pretty much faceless and ruthless.

so you need to protect yourself and your content. Wordfence does an excellent job of this. I use wordfence as well as a few other security plugin’s and I can assure you it’s one of the best.

There is a $5 a month version per site, I use that on a few of the sites I own but a couple just have the basic just to keep the hackers at nay. it limits sign in attempts, malicious attacks etc. in the paid version you can block country’s and isps from attacking your site.

You get an email every time someone tries to sign in to your account. pretty frightening at first but then you soon get used to it. it makes you aware of who, where are trying to access your account. right now I have some dick from san Francisco trying to get in. good luck with that princess!!!


a simple plugin I used for most of my sites. especially some of the review sites I had. You could make tables around your chosen topic. such as drills, bikes etc. letting people know the specs of something in a clear and concise format.

very easy to put together, and no maintenance other than if your product info is updated. Not a big wright up on this one. a very basic plugin that does the job extremely well if you need tabled content.


Woocommerce is an ecommerce plugin that you can sell literally anything with.

I have used this on a few stores I have built over the years. It ties in with most themes. this is a must if you are looking to add a shop to your site. people used to use this as the go to plugin for adding shops etc. but now shopify has taken the lead slightly.

You set it as you like it. meaning you can set your own shipping, to what country’s for how much you like. Payment options can include PayPal, bacs, all major cards and even cash on delivery. You can also sell digital or tangible goods, setting product variations like size colour etc. there are other woocommerce extensions to help you build an online store. I haven’t used them I have just used the free version. highly recommended if you want the basic set up and don’t fancy paying the extra monthly bills that shopify provides.


So there we have it, my top ten plugins for WordPress as of June 2016. I may use other variations of certain plugins but all these I would highly recommend.

Have you used these, what did you think of them? Have you used something similar or maybe you have a plugin you could share with us. Comment below and share the love.


Hi, I am nathan and i started this site in the hope of documenting my process of making money on-line.
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  • Alex Apr 5,2017 at 1:37 pm

    Hi Nathan, thanks for the great post.. and site in general. I’m on a bit of a similar quest with my own blog which is why some of your articles resonate with me so much. This post on the plugins was particularly useful and i’ll definitely be installing Wordfence on your recommendation. There are so many plugins available it really is difficult to chose. Thanks again. A

    • nathan Apr 13,2017 at 5:13 pm

      Hi Alex,
      Thank you for the kind words. There are a lot of plugins for the wordpress platform.It’s so easy to get bogged down with what you need etc. I have recently gone through my sites to add/takeaway plugins as I often do. I use a lot but these are my go to ten whenever i start a new site.
      Thanks Alex and goodluck!

  • Lillian De Jesus Jul 18,2016 at 8:26 pm

    Hi Nathan,
    I do love page builders! I use Beaver Builder and it seems to work like Instabuilder. Sales pages in 5 minutes is pretty impressive. Yoast SEO is definitely on my list too! There are so many features it includes that make blogging so much easier.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • nathan Jul 19,2016 at 12:13 pm

      Hi Lillian,
      Page builders are excellent tools for your online business. Beaver builder.
      Never heard of that one but i shall take a look. It’s always handy to have a good backup of software
      or tools.
      And Yoast has been one of my most used plugins I would say. It certainly does help keep
      your site in check for any potential errors you could be getting.

      Thanks for your comment Lillian.
      Take care.

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