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What is CPA

What is CPA

Untitled-2You’ve probably heard of countless abbreviations in online marketing.It can become confusing.

One thing I always hear about is CPA.

What is it?

CPA stands for cost per action.

what that means basically is that you get paid for people clicking on your provided affiliate link and when they complete an action. You may have completed a cpa on behalf of someone else in the past for an offer or incentive.

The more popular choices for cpa are

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Free traffic case study …Part 1


Free traffic case study

Free traffic case study

Free traffic, case study …Part 1

Traffic doesn’t come easy, But…does it come cheap?  Free even??

Every site owner knows that without traffic you fail to gain any sort of audience.

So how do we get traffic?

There are various way’s in which we can drive traffic to something maybe a website, sales page, opt in page or E-commerce site. The whole internet thrives on traffic being driven around To different destinations.

Below we can take a look at some of the more popular ways of getting visitors

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