About Me

Hi, Welcome to IMNathanJames.com.

I am, Nathan. A 34 year old “newbie” marketer from South Wales.

I say Newbie, I actually had my first taste of internet marketing when I bought a site of Ebay in 2008.

not a pleasant experience ,but, I do still have the domain!

having left school at 18, I have had a succession of shitty jobs. from pubs-clubs, shop’s, call centre’s and even the highly prized job of making boxes in a factory. They have all seemed to push me on a path of not wanting to work for someone else.

Over the years I have searched for and implemented methods for extra income. mostly always falling straight on to my face!!

since then , i have dipped in and out of IM but have never found a sustainable way of earning money.

with the help of a great marketer I have set on my new journey with completely different tactics and mindset!

That said, I have screwed up numerous times. Having spent my time testing, losing money and gaining knowledge, I now feel I have something to write about and share. .

If you would like to know any more, or just fancy shooting the breeze then…

Get in touch!