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Is SEO dead…



Is SEO dead?

It’s a question I hear getting asked a lot.

In fact, I was asked by an old school friend-” is it dead, is it still worth all the hassle fighting the Google Gods for a top spot”.

No, it isn’t dead. Not at all.With the increase of video marketing, social marketing – especially Facebook it shows that there are other ways to get traffic.

The fact is, there are other ethical ways now of sending traffic to your site.

1./Social media Instagram, twitter Pinterest have taken a huge chunk of the market. With such a huge base of users, people can now use apps and other internal audience websites to look for things.

2./Paid traffic, always been around but now Facebook has taken a huge swipe of this also people are hopping over to Bing to pick up a cheaper alternative.

3./Affiliates. if you are in the marketing niche then you may be using affiliates to drive traffic for you.


Reasons why I think there is a decline in people chasing seo,

1./people new and old in this industry are fixated on the quick route to anything. I’m guilty of this. Seo can be a long hard slog if you are competing in a competitive market, any market really.

2./It can be expensive. you have to cover costs of link building, possibly building a private blog network or buying links to a private blog network.

3./it may be near impossible to move other sites of ranking positions. maybe because google just favours them more or they may have built up such a good pair or seo tree trunk roots you just cannot bloody shift them.

4./google zoo updates like panda and penguin have really rocked people chasing 1st page status. Being dropped and finding it hard to gain there footing again. Most just give up.

5./Marketers feel that google hates affiliate sites. and affiliates feel that they’re sites aren’t being offered a fair crack of the whip compared to other sites. Leading them to search for other ways. people are now looking to Bing etc. to cover their traffic for potential visitors, with less stress.

Seo at one point was considered easy, very easy in fact. Depending on your chosen niche, method of seo etc. top spots were easily attainable. You could literally stuff keywords anywhere links, page content, down your trousers. it was ridiculous. and people reaped the rewards.

But google gets wise to this and changes the game. every update and change is a constant battle for the seo people to keep up with.

marketers see it as google being the spoilt kid in the street, everyone knew a spoilt kid. I did his name was Richard and Richard used to lick the bottom of his shoes in assembly. Don’t be like Richard.

Anyway, Google being the spoilt kid. picking up his ball and going home ruining the fun for everyone else.

But it isn’t at all really. Look at it this way. Google are a business that are offering a service to users


Millions of people use google everyday as a tool to get the knowledge they want. and that’s what google are. a mind of knowledge that can process that information for you in literally seconds. Or minutes if you have my phone reception.

They need to stay at the top of their game and provide the best service and best information for you. and they do that consistently. Now they are also a business and I have heard that at some point most of the first page search results will be paid ads. so if this is true the only way you may be able to get 1st page results with your site is to pay for it. Rumours surely!!

Then there were the exact match domains. all you had to do to help get higher was to have something like


you get the idea, a search term as a domain. and people did really well out of it. and again people took the piss and manipulated the engines for their gains so google shifted the happens,

I had a number of sites. some on the first few pages. all slowly gaining momentum. then over the course of a couple of days they all dropped. literally 20 pages. I couldn’t figure out. all my sites were fully seo compliant, I had articles with 1000-2500 words. with roughly 40% of these pages with amazon affiliate links. (2 links a page).

I was gutted. 6 months’ solid hard work completely smashed to bits.

I set about adding to my content. I had installed yoast plugin so this was giving me great indication as to my keyword ratio and any errors I had to fix with my onsite seo.

I also reached out to google, after seeing a video with Matt Cutts (a former Google employee) who stated that Google didn’t hate affiliate sites. It just hated thin content sites that didn’t add any value to users requests.

Fair enough. But, I did notice something on my seo journey and you start to see the same sites in certain niches that are at the top of the rankings. with very little content.

I had a site based around a certain kitchen ware product. there were a few sites in the same niche but I could honestly say I offered more in value than any of them. big headed I know but let me explain.

The first page for a certain make of this product consisted of 3-4 of the same sites offering this product with a review. between 200-500 words. I kid you not. I had 1800 words of quality content. I sat there on the second page for months not being able to budge them.I put it down to them using blog networks.

I learned so much in the time I spent heavily indulging in seo. I may jump back into it in the future but I still feel like I’m in the cooling off period. I overdosed on seo I think. I’m busy with other things but the temptation is always there to try and get everything back up and running.

I’m in the middle of taking done all the sites I used to work on and plan on turning the content in to plr. The sites themselves are in a state of repair and I haven’t the time or the gusto to take them on again. I think plr is the way as its content people can apply straight away. I won’t get much, but then I learned a lot doing it so I have to look at it that way.

so there we have it. a question on seo turned in to me rambling on about my own endeavors,

Seo is a great long term strategy, it’s always good to abide by the seo rules if you’re looking to make a long term investment in something online. take the time and keep at it. I was unfortunate but there are still 100000’s making money with seo, and 100000 will continue to do so as long as the search engines are still being used.

Hi, I am nathan and i started this site in the hope of documenting my process of making money on-line.
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