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How do search engines work?


How Search Engines Work.

How search engines work

How search engines work

Many people wonder how search engines really work.

From top Marketers to newbies.

Most search engines have three parts: a crawler, an index, and a search interface. Each section important as the other. cogs if you like. useless without each other but powerfully effective when working together. lets take a quick look at what these sections entail.

The Crawler.

Also known as a ‘spider’ or ‘bot’,(i prefer bot, spider makes me want to keep scratching like there’s something on me) this part of the search engine wanders the web, following links and picking up information for its database.
Googles minions of data if you like.
Crawlers do most of their work at times of the day when search engines are less busy, makes sense as they could rome more freely while not being slowed down by search request and busy data lines. It is said that they bots visit updated content more frequently.which is why people say “always add fresh content to your site.”
Also, crawlers ignore some things: your site’s code, for example. Your site’s title and text – your ‘content’ – is the most important thing to a crawler. The fastest way to raise your site’s search engine ranking for specific key words is to use them into your title and your content.

The Index.

Once the crawler or bot has collected all that text, it is then stored and indexed accordingly. This allows people searching for keywords and phrases to get results relating to what they were searching for – their search results. Most sites will incorporate rating systems such as Google Page Ranks or Alexa rankings in positioning your site. These ratings are used to attempt to ensure that sites that are important receive more traffic than unimportant sites.

Go to a search engine and type in a word. You’ll see some text on the page saying something like “results 1-10 of 444,000”. This means that the search engine’s index contains 444,000 pages it believes are related to the word you typed. If you wanted to, you could look through all these pages to find the information you’re looking for. (Although there is a reason people stick to the first pages. they offer more relevance to what you searched for.)

In order to understand rating systems more thoroughly consider your own site. When you place links on your site you generally due so in order to increase your users understanding of the content of your site. If every site in a particular field links to a particular site, this site is probably very important to that field and should, therefore, be listed highly in the lists of search engine results. Thus the basic ideology of Google Page Ranks. (although this has now been fazed out).

If a site is receiving loads and loads of traffic, it probably has some information or service that is very important to its users. Alexa ratings attempt to estimate the amount of traffic that a particular site gets and compare it to the amount of traffic that other sites get. The closer that a site is to the most trafficked site on the Internet, the more likely it is to have important content if it is relevant to the search query.

The Interface.

Search engines provide an interface, or question page. like a website that you can enter your queries and let the interface deal with the index to find the relevant info for you.
These algorithms are an important part of the SEO (search engine optimisation) business, and the search engines are constantly changing them. You’ll notice when the algorithms change, as the rankings of your website will change with them.
all search engines are different. they will all weigh factors up differently. For example one may use keyword density more than the other.

When you submit your website to the search engines, there’s no way of knowing when they might add it to their indexes. Since each search engine has its own crawling and indexing methods, you can’t be sure how long it might take. In some cases, you might see results within a week, but don’t count on it – it may take weeks even..

It’s not easy to get a high ranking unless you spend some time on it, and learn the proper methods. When you take the time and do some research, you’ll find that it’s not as confusing as you first thought.

Its important to know that search engines are like people and you can not please everyone, all of the time.
but importantly, try not to piss them off, you need them to get visitors!!

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