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Happy Christmas and new year, all that jazz.

I hold my hands up on this and realize that I haven’t made a post on my blog for nearly 4 months. Wow. That’s too long.

My online activities have taken a back seat while I  found work in the “real world”. Also, finishing off some home renovations. My time hasn’t really been my own since summer of last year.

I wanted to make this quick post to let you know of my plans for the 2017 year.

I will continue to write and work on my internet marketing blog that you are reading now, something I always fall in and out of. But found it hard for some reason as I never knew what avenue to take. I would say that 95% of people in the IM world are full of shit and release courses on how to make riches without having ever made money from the project themselves. That something I never wanted to do.I only really write when I have something to write about. same in real life. I only talk when I have something to talk about. that’s why I’m probably quiet most of the time.

This leads me to my new project. I have started another blog in the health and fitness niche. I will be documenting my journey from unfit flabby nearly 40-year-old man to something you see on the cover of muscle and fitness. well, sort of. ok, nowhere near actually, but, I will be documenting my journey of becoming more healthy. Starting from scratch I will now have something to talk about and share with my readers. It’s still very much in the early stages and only a few posts have been put up. But when it’s ready I’ll share the URL and that will be my new case study.

My next project is UPTOTHENECK.COM. aN affiliate site linked to amazon. Here it covers 2 of my passions films and t-shirts. it’s something I have always wanted to get stuck into and am just finishing up with some touches on design then I will be able to start promoting that bad boy. I have other sites that I would like to pursue in the amazon framework but for now, i need to concentrate on just this one site and build up from there.

SEO. yes, I will be getting my SEO boots back on. Looking to take on local SEO at first. I will be helping out with some local businesses and also I have set up a site in a niche that I know will do well. The aim is to test this and see if I can sell leads or sell the site as a whole to a local business. Then rinse and repeat.

SEO is something I fell out of love with, I put all my eggs in one basket and when google pushed out some updates I was heavily penalized. Something I still think was a little unfair. I became disillusioned about the whole thing and left it. Stupid mistake.

I have an abundance of knowledge when it comes to SEO, So I will be starting a new section o the site dedicated to this alone.

I also have a ton of training courses to go through. From SEO to Facebook ads and google ads.It’s important that I refresh in SEO in case I have missed out on anything important since being away. Also, I find that buying targeted traffic with ads will send an immediate crowd to whatever I need at that time, maybe eyes on a blog post or targeted customers for an affiliate store.

I’m excited at what 2017 has to offer. Check back regularly to find whats going on!

Hi, I am nathan and i started this site in the hope of documenting my process of making money on-line.
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