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Free Traffic case study part 2


highway-393492_960_720Hello guys, well it’s been nearly 2 months since my last post and it’s been ….. since i started the traffic case study.

Just a quick one today as i wanted to give you all an update on whats been happening.

Well since i started this i have been busy…really busy, Trying out the free methods that people say are the best way to bring in extra traffic.

Has it been working

Short answer yes and no

There has been a hell of a lot of work from my part.Just to show you what i mean the following is what i try and do a day.

Comment on at least 5 threads in my chosen forums. 4-5 forums means that is around 20-25 posts a day.(most days)
Blog commenting on at least 5 blogs a day. That can take around an hour.
social media, mainly instagram.
Ok so let’s see whats been happening.

The forums posts started off easy. As with most forums you need to build up a certain amount of posts before you can put your signature link on your answers. Great no problem. 2 of the forums i used i gained these and a certain number of thumbs up or likes on my content to gain a good credibility.So my signature link was allowed and traffic started to come through.

1 forum in particular i now have around 80 posts/answers. But it only shows in my profile that i have 23.Also you can only add your signature link when you get up voted at least 3 times. I have one up vote.To me that seems a little silly and I am starting to feel that this is run this way as it’s a push for you to join the premium membership. That i will not be doing as it defeats the object of making this a free traffic trial.

The upside of commenting on forums is that it’s surprising how much knowledge you have gained form your work on line. As i first browsed the forums i though , i will never fit in here. I will never have the answer to any of these questions. But as you start and your confidence grows it’s surprising how much you can share.Also i have gained a lot of knowledge by going through these.

The one downside is that forums are not as busy as they once were. that means it’s pretty easy to run out of questions to answer.A lot of people are part of groups etc in social media. Take Facebook for example. How many groups or pages are you a part of that people ask questions in all the time. In my experience you get a quicker answer on social media than you would a forum.


Well forums are pretty much locked to your desktop or laptop for access. I have never come across an app for a forum. That means that people will be on social media accounts on their phones pretty much 24/7.Makes sense.

OK so next is the blog commenting. I steadily made a list of around 50 blogs and built from that.I then try to comment on at least 5 blogs a day. Giving at least a paragraph for an answer. showing that i have read the post by including some snippets or comments that i came across. It takes time to read and answer on the blogs. So it takes me just over an hour to do around 5 blogs a day.

The upside is i have made a few good friendships and advanced to connecting on social media. Great! Also from an seo point of view the links i have created for my blog are outstanding. But i couldn’t give a crap about links. It’s not SEO i am doing this for. This market is too competitive to try and out link someone and reach higher search results.

I have committed to doing this for 3 months to get a true reading of what the free main methods are like.So i will continue for another month at least.But in this last month i will be adding a few more methods to see if that can give me a boost.

Until next time….highway-393492_960_720

Hi, I am nathan and i started this site in the hope of documenting my process of making money on-line.
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