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Free traffic case study …Part 1



Free traffic case study

Free traffic case study

Free traffic, case study …Part 1

Traffic doesn’t come easy, But…does it come cheap?  Free even??

Every site owner knows that without traffic you fail to gain any sort of audience.

So how do we get traffic?

There are various way’s in which we can drive traffic to something maybe a website, sales page, opt in page or E-commerce site. The whole internet thrives on traffic being driven around To different destinations.

Below we can take a look at some of the more popular ways of getting visitors


SEO is the art of priming your website for the search engines. Namely Google. SEO can be a long,slow process depending on your competition.

Your aim is to get on to the 1 past page of the search engines, then to the top 3 spots as that gains you the most traffic and in turn earns you money.

SEO for me begins on the site itself, or on site optimisation. making sure Page titles, internal linking, sufficient keywords etc are all taken care of.

Then you have to build links, blog commenting or purchasing quality links.You may even look into setting up you own private blog network. This again takes a lot of time.and isn’t instant.

SEO is a long hard slog in my opinion. But the gains are worth it. If you manage to build up a solid, content rich site with excellent seo added on top then you are more than likely going to get to page one.And possibly stay there for a while depending on your chosen niche and competition.

Facebook ads

The more popular method if you have money to spend. Facebook has built up a large internal audience, what i mean by that is you have to log in to see any content on facebook. therefore you can advertise and reach millions of people. Facebook has done an excellent job to make the potential to reach a target Audience easy. you can target specific age, country and more importantly interests., here you can drill down and choose people that are interested in related pages to you.certain groups etc.

Facebook ads are very effective. I have used them for teespring campaigns and had great returns. It takes a couple of ads to fully get in the swing of targeting etc but it it really worth the investment.

Solo ads

Here you can buy targeted traffic for your purpose. the beauty of solo ads is that you can buy targeted traffic already harvested buy people in the same niche as you.

For instance  you have an offer in the fitness niche you could contact  a solo add vendor in the solo ad industry and apply for traffic to be driven to your offer etc.

Now, Solo ads are not free, and they certainly are not cheap. you get what you pay for.and the industry has become very untrustworthy and diluted. But there are a lot of reputable people out there who can and will help you.

A typical cost i have come across seems to be roughly $45-$60 per 100 clicks. So that would be clicks to your offer or whatever you have to promote. A lot of sellers seem to overcompensate. So if you order 100 you may get some extra clicks. Happy days!

Solo ads is something i will be testing shortly as it seems like a great chance to buy already targeted traffic.

Blog Commenting

The old tried and tested way of getting traffic. The key here is to find blogs in your niche and start building relations by commenting.

This way you show an interest, also you are showing you are in the same niche to. You make a decent contribution on the post section. not just

“thanks, nice article.”

I see that crap in my spam folder, make a habit of reading through the article. Make notes of anything interesting or stand out points.

Try not to be spammy, don’t hijack the post , or worse still talk of things completely off topic.

Write a paragraph, show that you read the article. that way your more likely to get your post can include somethings from your blog but only if it is relevant. Adding links and stuffing keywords may not get you approved.


Forum commenting

Forums are a great place to hang out, not as good as the pub or the beach but third best if you ask me.
There are thousands of forums to look into, obviously again you need a forum that’s related to your niche in someway.

If you manage to find a good forum, take the time to look around, get a feel. Does it have a decent contribution from other members, does it have a large database of knowledge and a decent size user base.
The reason for that is the bigger the audience for your posts or answers the more likely it is for someone reading to click on the link you have provided, follow you socially and get them back to your blog.
I have learnt so much by participating in forums. They really do provide a wealth of knowledge.
It’s best if you can choose a forum that will allow you to add a signature after your post. This could be a link back to your blog or a sales page. Check before you open an account of the do’s and don’ts.
We need people to come back to our site, remember that is why we are doing this. If the forum don’t allow you to leave links in the signature it may be a waste of time joining.

Q and A sites…

After blog and forums you may think that was it as far as contributing towards content armed with a paragraph of knowledge and a link to your website,
Well you are wrong.
Another benefit of having an accountability group is the fact that you can find out about new methods, software etc. One of the awesome people in my group suggested A place that you can ask and answer questions, on anything.the beauty of this is you can transfer your knowledge and answer questions related to your chosen niche. This allows other people to see and also see your link that you can post.
There is no limit to what you can answer. And is a classic example of free traffic. (cost, not time).

So there we have it, a quick breakdown of the various traffic methods that you could utilise to drive people to your website.

If you have the money i would always say invest in some adverts for your site. Free is great but
you do not get as targeted traffic as you would with an advert
Paid traffic is a lot quicker
commenting on forums, blogs and q and a d a sites does take time. Results can be instant, but you will not get as quick of a result as you would with a advert, solo add etc.Because the traffic is there ready primed. waiting to be sent as soon as you pay.

I will actually be concentrating on the last 3
forum posting
q and a sites.

I have made a plan of 3 months, using the free methods i have mentioned above to gain traffic for my site.

Stick around and find out if free traffic is worth it…

Hi, I am nathan and i started this site in the hope of documenting my process of making money on-line.
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