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Conducting your self online


Conducting your self online


Conducting yourself online

Conducting yourself online

we all spend time, effort and money building up a business. whether its online or a real tangible,bricks and mortar business.

if you had spent so much time and effort building this, would you go out of your way to ruin it.

Warren buffet says;

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to lose it all.”

he’s right, but where you could do something to ruin your bricks and mortar business maybe the severity of it would only lead to local loss of business.

Whereas if you do something online to jeopardize your business then the audience would be much larger and the ramifications would be much bigger.

I’m writing this post as it’s important to know how to conduct yourself at all times, but especially in business.

I recently came across a falling out between marketers on Facebook.

A real popcorn moment

From what I gather in this case, one marketer had bad mouthed another marketer to his list. They were both competing in sales for a new product that had come out.

It’s divided a lot of marketers, some people chipped in with their thoughts while some seemed to not grasp what was going on and wade in with useless comments. Mob mentality I suppose.

I personally thought it was an underhanded move by the marketer in question. And from what I have seen, he hasn’t once stepped in to defend his actions. leaving other marketers to fight it out. And the guy he partnered with to fight for him.

It’s gotten to the point where some marketers have left the product they are promoting as they think the product vendor is just in it for the money and has cleaned his hands of the whole incident. and friendships have been lost as a result of this.

I can see all side of the story. everyone has a fair point.

I have bought products from the main guys who have taken a stance in this and I have learned a lot from them over the years I have followed them. Admire all the guys in question. apart from the instigator. never heard of him. that’s not a dig, there are a lot of people online in this industry and it’s impossible to know all the names.


But, how some of these bigger names have handled themselves, I feel, leaves a lot to be desired. something that was aired publicly could have been handled behind closed doors. (or a private message in the online world)

this could jeopardize a great new product because the bigger names are going at it

people could lose the respect of their customers, followers over this.

It happens, people get annoyed at something and fire off. I have done it, regretted it and apologised. it’s something I try and never get into. I’m not an argumentative person anyway, but if you can walk away, come back 24 hours later and still find fault. do it privately. and politely/ You being above the bullshit doesn’t mean someone else will. they will more than likely post your message or picture without your consent and try and run you down. if you handle yourself professionally at all times. they have nothing to run you down over. you will gain respect for this. Of others mainly.

Let idiots stew in their own anger

I wanted to put together a small list of ideas on how to conduct ourselves or to help us when we feel like we are at our end and are on the edge of losing our tempers.

1./ Shut it down and walk away, if your still pissed after 24 hours then deal with it professionally and discreetly

2./As Barb Ling says ” stay in your own marketing bubble” do not worry or stress over what everyone else is doing or saying. concentrate on your own business your own customers

3./Be respectful, this is such an obvious one but one that we all ignore. treat others how you would like to be treated yourself.

4./Do not air your laundry in public. like the first post. if your annoyed enough to bite back or to fight your corner then do it discreetly. No one ever need know about your problems with everyone else.

5./Stay positive. Always be and say positive things. After my years of working closely with some right beauty’s I noticed one thing that’s true. Negativity spreads like a fire. These people would come to work pissed off, have a face like thunder and leave the same way. Spending all their time ripping in to other work colleagues or the place that’s paying them. Not once willing to do anything about it. In time this spreads to other people. keep your head up and let the bullshit wash over you.

6./Don’t think it’s ok to rip in to anyone, especially customers. list prospects etc. There seems to be a growing trend of bigger names going out of their way to belittle people on their social media accounts. Why do it, i unfollow and also any of the idiots that join along in the comments.

This isn’t the first time I have witnessed an online argument between marketers. It happens every now and again.

Remarks like, your ruined in this industry I saw one marketer type with caps lock on. ridiculous. pack it in and grow up!

I have been involved with online arguments when I first started. mostly forums, someone doesn’t like your view or take on things and people get personal over it. there’s no need.

Hopefully we can all taker away some good point from this post. if it stops you from kicking off over something trivial then it hasn’t been a waste of time.

Keep your tempers in check people!!!

Hi, I am nathan and i started this site in the hope of documenting my process of making money on-line.
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