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Hello, Been a little while since my last post. I have been busy working away behind the scenes.

Although, the weather has been lush and has given me the chance to get the garden sorted. A lot of hard work, shoveling tonnes of dust and chippings. But it’s nearly finished.

And true to form with the Welsh weather, as soon as we buy a BBQ it hammers down with rain.


Anyway, back to business…

Just a short one today…

I wanted to talk to you about Fiverr.

Most of you have heard and used it. But for those who are yet to get there Fiverr toes wet then please read on.

The company was formed by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman in 2009.They wanted a two sided  system where by people could offer services as well as the people buying the services or gigs as they are called.

Take a look at the type of gigs you can get on Fiverr, they can range from

  • SEO services
  • Video creation
  • Photoshop
  • Some random guy singing happy birthday in his pants
  • The list is endless,

You can buy pretty much anything.

Now i am pretty sure that back in the day it was just gig’s for a fiverr, this has changed and now allows sellers to start gigs at a $5 charge. Then with upselss etc it gives the chance for the seller (and fiverr who take a commission of each sale made).So you can now end up paying a lot more for services, or gig’s.

Sine the general set up of Fiverr is easy enough i wanted to focus this article on some tips for making purchases on the fiverr platform.To help you get the best out of your experience.

  1. Before you start looking, have an exact idea of what you want and need out of this sale. It may be a new logo, business card or flyer made.
  2. Pick a budget and stick to it, do not get bullied or lied to about having to pay more.Some people are now taking full advantage of the upsells and will make you a product but if you want to use the product publicly, like a logo then you have to pay more. This is where it starts to rack the cost up.
  3. How soon do you need your gig delivered? Most sellers offer a quicker service but again this will come as a premium.
  4. Try variation of your chosen topic, there may be a hidden gem of a seller that hasn’t set his gig to the category you were looking under.
  5. Make  sure the seller has feedback, I usually go for at least 15 feedback remarks. You could use more. But I find that 15 is usually ample. You can take a chance on a new seller but that hasn’t usually turned out well for me. Poor service and quality of work is usually what i get back.
  6. Make sure you understand what is fully offered in the gig, time, price any modifications that you nay need.


How i buy my gigs on fiverr

I always set a request a gig option. This can be found under settings on your homepage.

That means I can write a description of anything I need for my gig and set everything out clearly. You will get some people who will apply no matter what. But, you do get the choice of of some great, compliant sellers.

Be aware that depending on what you are after, it may take a day or so to get offers or you may be bombarded straight away.

This gives you the option of choosing a reputable seller that takes the time to look for work. Yes you could apply to one of the top sellers but in my experience the service they offer is terrible and again the upsells will bleed you dry.

I hope this quick article has brought you some knowledge of how to get the best of your fiverr gigs.

If you have had experience of using fiverr good or bad then why not leave a comment below and share your experience.






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