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Building an email list.


Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me….You get the gist.

If that wasn’t a big enough clue then it is indeed my birthday today. I am 37 years young. Although I am starting to feel older that’s more of a case of not looking after myself and feeling every ache in my body.

But I am not here today to talk about my failing body.

Today i am going to talk about building my new subscribers list.

I have been silently working away at building a new list from scratch. Using both paid and free methods. With the idea of getting this new list to 1000 active subscribers by Christmas, Or if you do not celebrate the stuffing of your face day then the end of December will do.

Lets start from the beginning.

What is a list?

You have no doubt heard every marketer and his parrot talking about “The money’s in the list”. Well a list is exactly that.  A list of subscribers that you build up to market to.Not only to market to but to share relative content and ideas with.

I started my new list from scratch around a month or so ago only using one free traffic method-Instagram.

By following people in my niche and also putting up pictures and using the hash tags related to my niche also. Hash tags like #workfromhome #internetmarketing #affiliatemarketing etc. It takes time and as I have pointed out previously isn’t as quick or targeted as paid traffic.But, it is free and slowly builds up my list. So far using this method i have built up a list of 80 people. Happy days.

I also offered a free gift in my Instagram bio. Meaning that people could enter they’re email in exchange for a download of my free E book “Easy Teespring”.

Now the second method i have ventured into is paid and called solo ads. A solo ad is a form of traffic to your squeeze or optin page that you pay a set amount for for a set amount of clicks/ visitors. So far i have had 3runs of solo’s. From reputable people that I came across in some facebook groups.

I didn’t send these to my ebook though. I requested to be a an affiliate for someone on warrior plus.and set up a double optin page to harvest emails. then when they have entered a select email address they get sent a confirmation email that when clicked on sent them to the affiliated page.

I paid 0.35 a click for one for a run of 100 clicks. meaning i paid $35. I received a total of 14 optin’s. Now here’s where the argument for double or single optin jumps up. I should have gone for the single optin straight away as i had 60 emails altogether, 14 confirmed and 46 still waiting to fully optin.

So i ordered another run with the same seller for the same Price. This time getting 55 optin’s within 24 hours. Much better.
Then i ordered another run with a completely different seller to the same optin page, for a single optin. This cost me 0.50 a click for 100 clicks so i paid $50. I received 110 clicks. and had 60 optin’s. Great.

So this has built me up a nice little starting list to start mailing to. My plan is to keep adding by buying solo’s maybe 1-2 times a month but also expanding on the free methods. Also any money that i make from this will be put back into my list to help make it grow.

I will know be setting up a mail sequence on top of the welcome emails that everyone has received. Next week. Promoting to my list.
Wish me luck!!!

Hi, I am nathan and i started this site in the hope of documenting my process of making money on-line.
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