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Amazon associates programme.


A quick view of the Amazon associates programme Associates programme Associates programme,is one of the largest shopping sites on the net.
Founded on July 6th 1996, in Seattle by Jess Bezos. The site originally started selling books, quickly gaining popularity they added music and films , following with electrics and now nearly 20 years later they sell nearly everything imagainable.

It is argued that Amazon started the wave of affiliate marketing when it launched its affilaite programme Amazon associates.

How it works.

You the website or Blog owner chooses a niche to enter within the Amazon programme.
This can be as broad or as small as you like. Remember to keep it topical to your site theme/content. make relevant posts , topics around the chosen niche. then apply to Amazon.( reason being is that they want to provide customers a valuable experience from the moment they land on your site to the moment they checkout out at Amazon.) Amazon need to check your site to make sure you comply with rules. eg no porn, no drugs etc.

When applying to Amazon you will fill out a short questionnaire based around your site, asking monthly traffic, niche, site age and a few other site specific questions.

Then its a case of waiting. The turn around is very quick. when you think of how many sites they must have applying at any one time. I have never had to wait more that 24 hours for them to approve or decline a request.

if you get declined, don’t dis pair. they will always give you reasons as to what you need to do to get up to speed.It may be that you don’t have enough content, your site may be unfinished or it may be that your site isn’t entirely a good fit for the company to promote they’re products. if that’s the case and you are early in to your site and there are no other strong alternatives for products in your niche then it may be worth having a redesign or simply go back to the drawing board entirely and start again.

If you are accepted, then happy days. Get straight to work.

you can instantly start advertising theAamazon banners and links on your site and hopefully gaining commissions.

what you earn really does depend on a number of factors

./ Traffic to site, the more you send the more you possibly make.the early days will be spent testing various things on your site. split testing call to actions tweaking content etc.Although traffic may be low for your site at the beginning this is the perfect time to tweak and perfect for the tsunami of visitors you are about to receive.

./ what you promote. Its a good idea to choose products that you earn good commission it currently stand you can earn up to 10% commission. Sounds obvious , right? well you d be surprised at the niches people enter. But on saying that you never know the entirety of their site for example links and traffic. there is software out there to monitor but how 100% are all of these tools?

. for example if you make 0.05 a sale you need a hell of a lot of traffic to convert that to a decent monthly income. where as if you choose a higher priced product say where you can make $5 or higher per sale then its clear that you may sell less products and earn a higher monthly income. Fantastic.

lest take a look at that . I aim to make $100 a month of every site I have. that’s the first income bench mark I set myself. so if you had commission of 0.50 for every sale I would need to sell 200 products a month to earn that $100

0.50 x 200 = $100

but, if i advertised a higher ticket item and earned $5 a sale i would only need to make 20 sales a month.

5 x 20 = $100

so for the same amount of effort you could benefit more by promoting the higher priced items.

Although I know marketers who bank $1000’s a month on sites selling low ticket items. so anything is possible, as always, do your research properly to understand your market.

I have worked it out in money it is actually based on % . depending on what niche you are in can earn you anything up to 10%.

Amazon Wants you to succeed with your site as this means more revenue for them so they have included a ton of handy resources and advertising aids to help you on your way.


Amazon also gives you a choice of banners and product links to suit the design and feel of your site.take the time to go through these. you may increase click through or sales by simply adding a side banner to your homepage. this is where split testing comes in.


these are funky little adverts that go on to your site. they may offer up to the date deals, favourite or recommended products or something that I personally like is the carousel widget, where you pick 6-8 of your favourite products in a niche and them to the carousel widget. on your site this then shows a display box that rotates the products when chosen. pretty neat!

A Store

A great idea by Amazon. you can simply embed a shop right in to your site. offering product details, a shopping cart and a wide range of Amazon products=s to choose from.If done right this gives your site a professional look and feel and offers more for them to peruse from.

On top of this Amazon offers you the chance to check reports on sales and click through’s. letting you keep a running total of earnings etc. this updates every 24 hours so will keep you on top of all activity on your site.

Also i advise you to check out the resources and tutorials they offer. These offer great insights on how to’s or things to take into consideration while building, running your site.

I have been a member of Amazon affiliate programmes for a number of years. if run right this can yield fantastic returns, the big thing I always take in to consideration is how much traffic can i send.

remember affiliate marketing can be seen as a numbers game. the more traffic you send the more you make. simples.

take a look at Amazon and and see if it offers the products you wish to promote, or find new niches to get in to.


Hi, I am nathan and i started this site in the hope of documenting my process of making money on-line.
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