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Update so far


And May is here! Time has flown by since my last post and although that was 3 months ago i have been making progress with my online ventures.

First off, I broke my laptop 2 months ago. A rather unfortunate incident where i dropped it and smashed the bloody thing to pieces. 

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Going forward in 2017


Happy Christmas and new year, all that jazz.

I hold my hands up on this and realize that I haven’t made a post on my blog for nearly 4 months. Wow. That’s too long.

My online activities have taken a back seat while I  found work in the “real world”. Also, finishing off some home renovations. My time hasn’t really been my own since summer of last year.

I wanted to make this quick post to let you know of my plans for the 2017 year.

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single, double or 3 step optin?


It’s been a few days since my last post. You know, my birthday!!!

Well, there’s still some cake left if you want it.

Anyway, I wanted to take some time out to talk about optins.More importantly, 1 2 and 3 step opt-ins.

I think it’s safe to say that most if not all of us have opted in at some point of our online lives.

You know the drill, you give your email address and various bits of information in exchange for privileged information.Maybe a free ebook, cheat sheet or guide to help you advance online.

Well now that I have experienced using all 3 I wanted to shed some light on various methods.

1 step optin

Okay, the 1 step opt-in and the one that will more than likely be used by most marketers. Despite what they tell you.

The process involves setting up a squeeze or opt-in page. Usually a catchy headline with a request for your email underneath. By entering your email you are  then passed across to your promised information, or it is emailed to you with the email address you provided.

Now, the upside to this is that you will gain far more email addresses as people haven’t got to do that much work to get the promised info. Meaning you could grow a very meaty subs list for your database.

The downside is that people can sometimes enter a fake address or that of someone else. Also by using the single opt-in you are opening yourself up for abuse for the mentioned tactic by idiots who do this. And if a complaint is made then this could damage your account with your email provider.

So bear in mind that there is a trade-off for quality and the quantity of your list.

2 step opt-in

This has the same beginning p[rocess as a single opt-in but a confirmation email is sent to the entered email address. With an activation link.Meaning the link is only clicked and activated and then added to your database of subscribers if the person has access to the email account. This weeds put the idiots and fakers just looking to take without giving.

The downside is that a lot of people are too lazy to go and check the inbox or even open up the spam inbox to check for the promised information.

The upside is that the action takers who seek out the sent activation email will click the link enabling you to add a verified email to your database. A win.

A 3 step opt-in is something that is very rarely utilised,The process if that of simply clicking a request information button. that’s the first step then following the process for a 2 step opt-in.That’s it,very simple.

The basic premise is that the more hoops you make someone jump through to give away information in exchange for something you promised then the fewer people will sign up. But the ones that jump through all the hoops you have set out will in turn hopefully build you a responsive list of people to market to.

But, in a busy world with so many distractions, it means that by not using the single opt-in then you are leaving money on the table so to speak. People may opt-in in ,then maybe their phone rang, the dog dug another hole in the garden. There’s a lot that goes on. the fact they did not confirm sometimes doesn’t mean they didn’t want to . sometimes they just plain forget.

I myself have set up various lists in various niches. I mostly use the single opt-in for things like solo runs etc, especially in the Internet marketing niche. People are savvy that they give an email in exchange for information. They like the thought of being an internet marketer but don’t like being marketed to. Strange.

Then I use a double opt-in for a free gift that I put out. If people take the time to come to my blog and enter their details in exchange for something I am giving I want to make sure that I am getting hot quality leads.People are savvy that they give an email in exchange for information. They like the thought of being an internet marketer but don’t like being marketed to. Strange.

But, in this online world People are savvy that they give an email in exchange for information. They like the thought of being an internet marketer but don’t like being marketed to. Strange.

I have also tried the 3 step opt-in but had very poor results. This means that the method I was using to obtain the emails must have been designed poorly by myself. I feel that using such things as facebooks ads etc would increase my return on this if done correctly. But I will leave that for another time.

But I will leave that for another time.And for the moment stick to the single and double!




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List Building

Building an email list.

Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me….You get the gist.

If that wasn’t a big enough clue then it is indeed my birthday today. I am 37 years young. Although I am starting to feel older that’s more of a case of not looking after myself and feeling every ache in my body.

But I am not here today to talk about my failing body.

Today i am going to talk about building my new subscribers list.

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Buying gigs on Fiverr


Hello, Been a little while since my last post. I have been busy working away behind the scenes.

Although, the weather has been lush and has given me the chance to get the garden sorted. A lot of hard work, shoveling tonnes of dust and chippings. But it’s nearly finished.

And true to form with the Welsh weather, as soon as we buy a BBQ it hammers down with rain.


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